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ore 20,30 - Cava Galleria Ravaccione Loc. Fantiscritti, Carrara, inaugurazione mostra personale di Itto Kuetani.


In the 1963 Carlo Dell'Amico taking advantage of the tunnel of the " Marmifera" (train used after the transport of the blocks) has been the pioneer of the technique of inner excavation succeeding to develop in the center of the mountain of the immense rooms calculated in 24.000 mt. cubes supported from imposing columns that they make to remain the visitor without breath in a nearly lunar place in which the sense of the proportions gets lost and the time is stopped.

The Ravaccione Gallery n. 84 are found in the heart of the marbles river basins of Carrara where the valuable and only white marble is extracted.

If the extractive activity in the zone of Ravaccione is begun since the Roman age, is with the Rinascimento and in the successive centuries that these zones are assumed to zones prepreferred from the main modern and contemporary sculptores Italians and foreigners. Michelangelo Buonarotti is one of these.